Angles Morts - Goods Vehicle

Angles Morts - Goods Vehicle

Easy to stick, remove and re-use Angles Morts sticker.

Blind spot sticker - Goods vehicle.

Safe to use on sound, clean, hard and smooth surfaces: painted vehicle bodywork, plastic or glass.

PVC free.



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Made of Phototex®: an easy to apply, remove, and re-use, self-adhesive fabric.

Suitable for vehicles that transport goods or merchandise: goods vehicles, lorries and trailers.

"Décret n° 2020-1396 du 17 novembre 2020 relatif à la signalisation matérialisant les angles morts sur les véhicules dont le poids total autorisé en charge excède 3,5 tonnes."

Rectangular in size: 170mm wide x 250mm tall.


Weight: 170 gsm

Stick to smooth surfaces only: painted vehicle bodywork, plastic or glass.

Ensure that vehicle surfaces are dry, clean, and free from dust, dirt or grease before applying product.

When applying in cold weather, warm the sticker and vehicle bodywork with heat from your hand.

Store on the original backing paper or on another clean, smooth surface.

For continued re-use keep the adhesive side of your stickers clean and free of debris.

To avoid damage, do not place in the path of windscreen wipers.